ORT South Africa responds to educational needs of adult students


31 July 2003 ORT South Africa is currently conducting 11-week Adult Basic Education and Training Courses (ABET) in various South African provinces. Coming in response to the growing number of adults in the country without formal schooling, the courses enable students to qualify for a General Education and Training Certificate (GETC). As a result of their lack of high school education and GETC qualifications, thousands of South African adults are unable to find employment today. ORT South Africa has responded to the educational needs of this sector of the population by providing a variety of courses, including Combined Science, Technology Education, and Economic and Management Sciences. Upon completion of the courses, graduates receive credits enabling them to qualify for a GETC after which they may continue on to further education. With the skills and qualifications obtained, graduates have a better chance of securing employment and thus improving their standard of living and that of their families. Graduates are also able to implement problem solving and thinking skills into day to day life. ORT South Africa has received positive feedback from employers of its graduates who have remarked that those particular employees are more productive, show higher levels of initiative and have better problem-solving skills than their colleagues.