ORT St. Petersburg students get graduation gift of Jewish heritage


Last week the ORT-Gunzburg Petersburg School organized a special ceremony to congratulate the graduating students of all St. Petersburg Jewish educational institutions on behalf of World ORT. The ninth and 11th grade students were presented with copies of the double CD-ROM ‘St. Petersburg’s Jewish Community- Three Centuries of History,’ which was issued by ORT-Gunzburg in 2000. The school is now distributing the second edition of the album, sponsored by the Manitoba Foundation led by a descendant of one of the founders of ORT. More then 300 graduating students from five Jewish educational institutions were presented with copies of computer album about St. Petersburg’s Jewish Community. ORT-Gunzburg also provided the schools’ libraries with additional copies of the CD-ROM and copies went not only to students but also to their families. ‘The main goal of the ceremony was to make the students feel like they are a part of the Jewish world and show them how to study about their Jewish roots using multimedia technology,’ said, director of the ORT -Gunzburg School. Vladimir Dribinsky congratulates students of the Jewish gymnasia ‘Migdal Ohr’ Students of ORT-Gunzburg St. Petersburg School at theceremony More information: Jennifer Rubenstein World ORT 126 Albert Street, London NW1 7NE