ORT Students killed in Haifa Bombing


World ORT extends condolences to the Families (London, 6th March 2003) World ORT deeply mourns the loss of the students and graduates of ORT Hanna Szenesh, in Haifa and ORT Everett in Hatzor Haglillit, killed in yesterdays Haifa bus bombing, and extends its condolences to all the families. ORT prays for the speedy recovery of all those injured. 15 Israelis were killed as the bomb was detonated by a suicide bomber in a local bus in Haifas Carmeliya neighbourhood. The bus was carrying a large number of school children and university students, many of whom were victims. The ORT family is united in its grief at the tragic loss of ORT Hannah Szenesh students, Tom Herschko, aged 16, and his father Mordechai;Assaf Tsur, aged 17; graduates Meital Katab, aged 20, and Moran Shushan, aged 20; and ORT Everett graduate, Beri Oved, aged 21; . ORT Hannah Szenesh, a senior high school, is located in the centre of Haifa. With over 400 students, the school is distinct in its large number of new immigrant students. The ORT Everett school in Hatzor Haglillit comprises both an elementary and a high school teaching over 800 students.