ORT Supporting North Macedonia Chanukah project


ORT is proud to celebrate Chanukah this year by partnering with a number of global organizations in support of a project dedicated to the memory of North Macedonian Jewry.

Take part in the ‘1,000 Chanukah Candles of Remembrance’

The ‘1,000 Chanukah Candles of Remembrance’ campaign was initiated by Dan Oryan, Israel’s Ambassador to North Macedonia. It calls on people across the world to light the menorah on the eighth night of Chanukah – December 17 – in dedication to the Jewish community of North Macedonia.

The once prosperous community of 8,000 people was almost completely destroyed during the Holocaust, with only around two percent of the original community surviving.

The candle lighting on the eighth night will be led by the President of North Macedonia, Stevo Pendarovski, and the Chairman of the Jewish Agency, Isaac Herzog. The lighting will be broadcast live on Zoom and Facebook.

The project has been organized by the Heritage of the Jewish Community Bitola/Monastir group; Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs; and the Center for Jewish Impact – which is chaired by Robert Singer, who also chairs World ORT’s Board of Trustees.

Those taking part are asked to record themselves, their family and friends lighting the eighth Chanukah candle, to dedicate the lighting to the memory of the Jewish community of North Macedonia, and to post the images or videos on social media with the hashtag #1000_Menorahs or send them to [email protected]. Please try to include an ORT logo in your image and also send the image or video to [email protected]

Join the Menorah of the Future competition

ORT students are also being asked to take part in a Menorah of the Future design competition as part of the project and to re-imagine the eight-branched candelabra through an engineering solution. Winners will receive cash prizes.

The menorah could combine robotics, 3D printing, electronics, mechanical or ecological components. A professional panel of judges will decide the winning entry.

The winner will be flown to Macedonia for the lighting ceremony – Covid-restrictions permitting – which will include the lighting of 1,000 menorahs made by people in North Macedonia and Israel with special needs.

Students can register to enter here before the closing date of December 2.