ORT TC students graduate at Ceremony in renowned Moscow Fashion House


17 July 2003 Left and below: Latest collections of ORT Moscow Technology College graduates ORTs Technology College in Moscow marked 10 years since the establishment of its design diploma, an experimental programme begun in the 1990s, at the graduation ceremony of its design faculty. The ceremony took place at Slava Zaitsevs Fashion House, compered by one of the most renowned Russian designers, Slava Zaitsev; and with the participation of the vice-president of the Moscow Union of Designers, representatives of the Russian Ministry of Education, representatives of the Russian Jewish Congress and international Jewish organisations, the President of ORT Russia, Prof. Alexander Asmolov; Director of ORT Russia, Miron Lahat; graduates, and students. The ORT Technology College in Moscow uses the most advanced technology available to educate the more than 500 students that study there. Using its wide knowledge and expertise, the College has developed its design faculty and offers students the opportunity to gain considerable experience in fashion design by studying the complete process from the first rough sketch through dressmaking to the creation of an entire collection. Students at the ORT College have already received acclaim at a number of professional competitions for young fashion designers. As part of the ceremony, a fashion show took place illustrating the collections of 19 graduates. The show demonstrated distinctive and bold designs heralding a new generation of Russian designers. During the ceremony prizes were presented by a leading Moscow clothing company to outstanding graduates, Arevik Simonian, Anna Shaforostova, and Zhenia Kondrashova, and it was announced that graduate Nastia Neroeva has become a member of the Moscow Union of Designers. In praising the work of the 140 graduates, the President of ORT Russia, Prof. Alexander Asmolov said, I am stunned by what I have seen.We were shown not a secondary vocational education but one of a very high professional standard. Thank you for this feast of art.