ORT welcomed back to Moldova


25 September 2003 The government of Moldova has passed a resolution renaming a Jewish school in the capital city the ORT Herzl Technology Lyceum. The public school in the city of Chisinau (Kishinev) first opened in 1991 and is operated jointly by the Chisinau municipality and World ORT. The decision by the government comes 62 years after ORT was expelled from Moldova following the former Romanian provinces incorporation into the Soviet Union on the eve of World War II. ORT Kishiniev students entertain the guests on the first day back The ORT Herzl Technology Lyceum in Kishiniev caters today for some 450 students in grades 1-12 (ages 6-18) and operates in partnership with the local authorities, the Jewish Agency and the Israeli Ministry of Education. ORT Kishiniev aims to give its students a real advantage when seeking employment and further education. Its Technology Centre provides cutting edge training in technology and information technology, which substantially enhances the schools academic merit. The centre has developed long and short term vocational training in Information and Communications Technologies for adults in the local community. At the same time, it also coordinates all of ORTs operations in Moldova supporting small Jewish communities in provincial towns like Beltsey, Bendery Tiraspol, Ribnista and Soroky.