ORTs history on the syllabus


26 July 2005 A multilingual Internet resource has been produced to help ORT students learn about the extraordinary history of the organisation responsible for their education. Originally developed in the Russian language for ORT schools the CIS, the website World ORT History of Foundation and Development provided the framework for a series of lessons to be added to the History of the Jewish People curriculum. The new history of ORT website can be accessed in English and Russian. The website proved to be so successful that we decided to translate it into English, said Vladimir Dribinskiy, who heads World ORTs CIS, Baltic States and Eastern Europe Unit. In addition to translating it we adjusted the information in it to include a greater variety of illustrations and facts from our archives and published sources. The new history of ORT website can be accessed in English and Russian.The website outlines three lessons on the foundation of ORT, ORTs activities in the Soviet Union and in times of conflict, and an examination of its contemporary role. The information includes guides for teachers, study texts, information for students, links to supplemental research materials, and photographs. It can be accessed at http://www.ort.spb.ru/(Eng)/history/eng/. This is a result of cooperation between World ORT and ORT CIS, Mr Dribinskiy said. Its translation into English means that it will now be available to many more of our students around the world. We are also looking at translating it into Hebrew and Spanish for ORT students in South America and Israel. World ORT Director General Robert Singer said the website would provide a personal insight to modern Jewish history for ORT students. Our students graduate with superb qualifications. But many dont realise that they are also a part of a huge educational network that is just the latest manifestation of an organisation that has brought enormous benefits to millions of peoples lives individually and has made a vital contribution to the creation and viability of the State of Israel. This website will allow ORT students to vividly place their own experience within a great and momentous context.