Personal Accounts from ORT Students


Students and former-students from around the World tell us how ORT has made a postive difference to their lives and how they have gone on to successful careers. From ORT Uruguay From Eli Barnett Founder and Director of ‘Before Soluciones Creativas’ 2003 graduate of the Software Engineering Degree ORT School of Engineering, ORT Uruguay ‘The speeed of change in the systems environment is awesome. ORT’s program has offered me the knowledge I need in order to follow these changes and take part in them. I think this is the greatest success of this study program in Software Engineering: it allows students to enter the local and international labour market just five years after beginning their studies.’ ‘ORT…it never forgets its main objective: to produce leading professionals who take charge of decisions and carry out innovations.’ From Erwin Salom n Now working in the Accounting Department at ‘I.F.E. Merrill Lynch Bank Uruguay’ 2004 graduate as Certified Public Accountant (CPA), ORT School of Administration and Social Sciences ‘The message and purpose of ORT Uruguay University gives priority to feelings, responsibilities and discipline – but it never forgets its main objective: to produce leading professionals who take charge of decisions and carry out innovations.Today, as a Public Accountant, my future is in my own hands; but I trust that the concepts and the values acquired in my university years will help me to continuously advance, grow and focus on improving myself as a professional and as a person. ‘ ‘…you can be sure that what you learn is practical and up to date.’ From Marcelo Waintraub Now working as Creative Director at ‘C mara/TBWA’ 2002 graduate of the B.A. in Advertising, ORT School of Communication ‘The Bachelor in Advertising course at ORT Uruguay University gets you closer to the advertising industry in two ways: on the one hand it gives you the tools to work in an agency, to think where a brand could go, to design an advertising piece, to create promotions; on the other, it places you in a classroom with the director of an international advertising agency, an audiovisual director with overseas experience or a well known media manager, so you can be sure that what you learn is practical and up to date.’ From ORT Russia From Anya Derman, 9th Grade, ORT Samara Hello, my Name is Anya Derman. I enjoy studying in this school very much. Our school is well-equipped and I have a good chance to learn how to use such a complicated machine computer. My parents dont even know how to turn it on. They cant use it and they cant tell me about it. I have no computer at home, we cant afford it. But here in our school computer has entered my life first last and all the time. It helps me to do my homework and to communicate with my friends. When I grow up I will be a highly educated person; and when I graduate the institute, I will become a programmer or a web-designer. I am glad that I can learn a profession, my parents couldnt even dream about. I will be able to have a computer at home, to have a good and a high-paid job. And I will teach my children how to use high technologies in order to earn a respect and to live a good life in the future. ‘As my family has Jewish roots, the main advantage of learning in this school for me is that I have finally started to study the History of the Jewish people, traditions and Hebrew.’ From Irina Grabovskaja, 9th Grade, Moscow ORT Technology School To tell you the truth, when I made my decision to study in this school, I was mostly interested in the Humanities subject such as History, Language and the Traditions of the Jewish people. To a lesser extent, I was interested in sciences such as Technology, Computer Science and Mathematics. I thought this school would be similar to other Moscow schools. When I started to study here, I was surprised by the warm relationships between teachers and students. I would say that there was a lot of respect and kindness. I also noticed the good relationships between students. By this, I mean that people do not judge you by your appearance, but recognize your qualities and take you for who you are. This school is totally different from my old school. The atmosphere in this school is warm, simple and friendly. The first thing that surprised me was when I suddenly realized that I could easily understand subjects which had been of interest to me before (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Programming etc). For the first time in my life, I became interested in Computer Science and Technology and not just the basics, but really in depth. There is good technical equipment which was granted to the school by ORT. Most of all, I love lessons where I can get familiar with investigative processes in the different laboratories. There is a Physics and a Biology laboratory in our school. We can only study simple processes in these laboratories, but still, it is much more than what the majority of Moscow schools have. As my family has Jewish roots, the main advantage of learning in this school for me is that I have finally started to study the History of the Jewish people, Traditions and Hebrew. I am glad that I am at the ORT school. I want to work with computers in my future work life, so I would like to say that ORT has given me good start in life.’ From Gena Rosenberg, 11th Grade, School#132, Minsk Since the ORT Technology Centre opened in our city, I have had additional possibilities to study my favorite subjects: English and History. Our Technology Centre is located in the Mark Chagall Institute. I go there every time I want to get access to the Internet or use some technical equipment. When I started to use the Internet, the world became wider and more accessible. The Internet allows me to find information about historical events which is difficult to find in books. Since there are many internet sites in English, it helps me to practice the language. The communication with foreign friends helps me too. The Internet provides me with additional material about the subjects I am studying. Working in the ORT centre, I have been taught to select the necessary information from great amounts of information. I take part in the Internet game, Ortic; I have made many friends with people of my own age from Russia, Ukraine, and Moldova. I have learned a lot about their interests and ways of life. My friends and I are very grateful to those people who created such wonderful facilities for us to study. I dont want to complain, but sometimes I wish we could have a similar centre in our school. We have to go to the Institute each time we want to use computers or other equipment. Sometimes it is really hard to go often to the Institute because it takes a lot of time and effort, just for the journey there and back. Also, our friends from other cities tell us they have such ORT Centers in their schools.