President of Uruguay commends ORTs high-tech achievements


As part of an intense mission programme in October, World ORT senior officials met with Dr. Jorge Batlle, President of Uruguay, accompanied by Charlotte de Grunberg, Director General of ORT Uruguay, Jorge Grunberg, Rector of ORT Uruguay University and Rebeca Sobol, President of ORT Uruguay. During the more than one hour meeting, President Batlle highlighted ORT’s historic role in modernising the high tech field in Uruguay and higher education. The President also discussed with ORT officials new projects in which ORT Uruguay University could be interested in participating. Later in the day, the WO delegation also met with the Mayor of Montevideo, Mariano Arana at a welcome dinner hosted by ORT Uruguay. Arana gave a speech highlighting ORT Uruguay’s long-standing cooperation with the Municipality in establishing and running Mother and Child Care Centres. As part of the visit, the WO delegation visited ORT Uruguay’s schools, School of Engineering ‘Bernard Wand Polak’, School of Communications and Design, School of Management and Social Sciences, School of Architecture and the Institute of Education, as well as one of the three Jewish day schools, in which ORT Uruguay has been running programmes for more than 20 years.