Presidential visit at ORT


Within the framework of Israel’s President Moshe Katzav’s official visit to the Ukraine last week, his wife Gila visited the ORT Technological Lyceum in Kiev. The school, which is housed with an up-to-the -minute fittings technology center sponsored by Milton and Shirley Gralla, was incorporated into the ORT network this year. Already filled to a capacity of with 250 students, there is an extensive waiting list of students who wish to attend and plans for expansion are imminent. Accompanied by Ljudmila Zlenko, wife of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Ukraine and Tatiana Markova, wife of the Ukrainian Ambassador in Israel, ORT students greeted Mrs. Katzav with traditional Ukrainian bread called karavai and a rushnik, a handmade embroidered cloth. During her tour throughout the lyceum, Mrs Katzav visited the school’s technology laboratory, Hebrew classes and Ukrainian language and literature classes where she spoke with students. To commemorate Mrs Katzav’s visit, students gathered in a festively decorated hall to present her with a book about Kiev and letters written in Hebrew expressing their gratitude for her visit. In return, Mrs Katzav presented the school with a piece of art depicting the city of Jerusalem.