Quiz Prize Goes To Argentina As Students Join ORT Day 2022 Activities


Hundreds of students from around the world united to recognize their common connections through ORT as part of our global education network’s annual activity day.

Ordinarily ORT Day is a celebratory event for students, teachers and supporters of the network globally.

The 2022 event was held amid a more measured atmosphere due to the conflict in Ukraine and the absence of many students in the region who had planned to attend.

The theme of the day was ‘Face the Future’, with a focus on preparing students to take on contemporary challenges. Participants also emphasized how strongly they feel part of the global ORT family.

Activities included a global quiz, in which hundreds of students and staff competed in an interactive format. The questions all related to aspects of ORT’s current or past projects. Thiago, an ORT student from Argentina, was crowned the winner after answering all 21 questions correctly in the fastest time (main image).

WATCH: ORT Argentina students celebrate quiz victory

Participants joined the session online from countries including Mexico, Israel, France, Italy, Panama and across the former Soviet Union.

A series of short ‘My ORT Connection’ talks saw students in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania spotlight what life and education is like in their countries. Students in Argentina presented aspects of life in Buenos Aires. The sessions were followed by question and answer opportunities for the youngsters to find out more about their peers’ lives.

Giving a flavor of her experience in Estonia, Anna-Ester, a ninth-grade student at ORT Tallinn Jewish School, said: “We perform a traditional talent show and students can demonstrate their creative abilities. We participate in international awards for projects involving photo media and animations.”

Her fellow student Ratmir added: “The international community of ORT is important so that young people from different schools all over the world can communicate and exchange experiences and can participate in competitions. Hopefully we can get to know each other better in the future and hold international camps.”

ORT Brazil students make a connection for ORT Day

Daniel Tysman, World ORT Head of Education Department, said: “Children in more than two dozen countries took part in ORT Day. It is a day when we learn about the network and about each other – and a day of connecting.

“We spotlighted the Baltic States and Argentina in the student-led talks. They are separated by 12,500 kilometers, so geographically there’s a huge distance and we all speak different languages, but their presentations highlighted their similarities and their feelings of solidarity and connection with each other.

“We believe in looking after each other and in the power of education to make the world a better place. I hope that today’s sessions helped students discover more about what day-to-day life is like and what it means to be an ORT student in 2022.”