Refurbished Agriculture Center Opens at Kfar Silver


A newly refurbished Agriculture Center has been officially opened at World ORT’s Kfar Silver Youth Village in Israel.

The center includes two classrooms and a meeting and lecture space. The opening ceremony was attended by students, teachers and staff from the village, alongside Amos Gofer, CEO of Kfar Silver; Beny Sela, Chairman of the Board of World ORT Kadima Mada; Dr. Moshe Leiba, WOKM Chief Pedagogy Officer, and Moti Dotan, WOKM Acting CEO and Chairman.

The ribbon was cut by Jean Attali of the Israeli Ministry of Education.

Dignitaries spoke about the benefit the new center will bring to Kfar Silver, enabling the development of the agriculture program which is already being taught in the village. The center will provide space for nearly 100 students to learn, experiment and for the village to continue to develop its program of agriculture studies for the future. The proximity of the building to the farm allows students to have better access to the cow shed, the goat shed and the greenhouses. Future plans include building smart greenhouses.

As part of the agriculture curriculum, students in Grades 10 and 12 study food supply and production, agricultural economics, plant reproduction, irrigation and other key topics.

Moti Dotan thanked Herb and Eileen Franks for their generous support of the project and ORT America for their support.