Remember World ORT TOP 2016 stories


January… A new year and we have our eyes set on new horizons. But we can’t reach our destination unless we know where we’ve been. So let’s look back at the past 12 months and appreciate what we’ve been able to achieve together. Because without your support we wouldn’t have been able to improve as many lives as we did.

SOUTH AFRICA: Students resat maths exams with ORT SA’s Second Chance programme. “The average mark increased by 35% in maths. Progress is remarkable!” >> Read more

RUSSIA: Students from Samara ORT Secondary School #42, “Gesher” beat hundreds of entries to win a national Russian video competition with their rendition of “The Ball of Yarn”, a Yiddish fairy tale. Impressive! >> Read more

FRANCE: Occupational hazards: ORT Strasbourg exhibition looked at ORT France’s activities during World War II. >> Read more

ARGENTINA: ORT Argentina students impressed the entire World ORT network with theirinnovative technical projects. Santiago, 14, created a collaborative app to help find missing people. Jeronimo created edible drinking glasses. >> Read more

FRANCE: ORT Toulouse was ranked in the top three secondary schools in its region. “Most of our courses get a 100 per cent success rate, even in further education programmes.” >> Read more

ISRAEL: World ORT Kadima Mada celebrated 10 years of improving lives through education. “We have gone from an organisation which improves the physical infrastructure of schools, such as Smart classes and science labs, to one with the will and expertise to innovate in a way that is respected and trusted by the Ministry of Education.” >> Read more

INTERNATIONAL: Teams of ORT students won 13 of the 18 TOP three places at the annual International Robotraffic Competition held at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. >> Read more

PANAMA: Our inaugural Ecology Summer School was held in Panama – an exciting opportunity for 20 students from Latin America and Spain. >> Read more

WORLD ORT: ORT students around the world shared their projects which are making the world a better place as part of the annual Gina and Joseph Harmatz Award. >> Read more

WORLD ORT: We challenged our students to explain complicated phenomena, inventions and discoveries as part of our prioritisation of STEM education. The results show a deep level of understanding. >> Read more

FRANCE: ORT Marseilles was officially recognised as a digital pioneer. “We are really happy about this because we want to experiment with the flipped classroom model and in so doing help our students to fully realise their potential.” >> Read more

BULGARIA: For the second consecutive year, ORT Bulgaria hosted the “Digital Skills Academy” summer school welcoming ORT students from around the world. “World ORT really helps to connect people and to realise their dreams.” >> Read more

INTERNATIONAL: Our schools put the ORT network to good use by organising pupil exchanges. That’s how students from Mexico visited ORT students in Moscow, and vice-versa. Lucky them! “The students and accompanying teachers collaborated on robotics projects and learned so much together. But beyond that the children became immersed in their hosts’ culture and realised how different life can be.” >> Read more

INTERNATIONAL: Hundreds of people from 10 countries in the ORT family participated in asimultaneous challah baking event by video conferencing. A first in ORT history! >> Read more

ISRAEL: Kfar Silver joined the World ORT Kadima Mada school network. The network now comprises six schools specialising in giving vulnerable students the best start in life. >> Read more

FORMER SOVIET UNION: World ORT launches a $9 million campaign to support STEM educationin its network of 17 schools across the Former Soviet Union. Be part of it! >> Read more

ONLINE: We added Instagram to our social media presence – it’s a great way to keep in touch with our students. Our Instagram picture contest was a fun way to bring students and supporters together. It’s another way the ORT network uses technology to makes the world a village.

WORLD ORT: We launched a new management and leadership training seminar for ORT teachers and managers with the backing of the HH Wingate Foundation. Because a well-managed school makes better students. >> Read more

ARGENTINA: ORT Argentina student Valentina Campisi won the gold medal at the National Argentinian Biology Olympiad with a little help from World ORT’s Ecology Summer School. >> Read more

RUSSIA: The Russian Jewish community’s most prestigious prize was awarded to the Moscow ORT Technology School’s Sheket drama group for its production of Dreyfus by leading French dramatist Jean-Claude Grumberg. >> Read more