Revitalisation in Russia and the Baltic States


World ORT projects in the CIS and Baltic States , are part of ORTsstrategy in creating successful and attractive Jewish schools. Built upon delivering high quality education to provide their graduates with a real competitive advantage when seeking higher education and opportunities for employment. World ORT began working in the CIS and Baltic States in 1991 with a handful of students. The figures grew very gradually for a few years until 1999, when ORT had approximately 3,000 students in this region.Then, with the help of generous donors, World ORT’s programme for redevelopment in the CIS called Regeneration 2000 was launched. The figures have now grown dramatically to over 28,000 students. The schools also provide a focal point in the local Jewish community through which they will contribute to the continued rebuilding of Jewish life in the CIS. The task of regenerating the Jewish communities shattered by decades of communist rule is a principal aim of Regeneration 2000. Through Regeneration 2000, existing Jewish schools have enjoyed extensive refurbishment and upgrading of premises, installation of fully-equipped laboratories for teaching technology and IT (Information Technology), teacher training programmes and a full range of supporting learning materials including texts and software. ORT has shown that its schools and centres in the CIS and Baltic States are setting the standards by which others are being judged.