Rosner Summer School ends its second year


13 August 2004 As this years group of Rosner Summer School participants return to Israel after three weeks of English study and special tours in London, it has been announced that Jenny Rosner, who initiated and continues to fund the program, has joined The 1880 Society World ORTs elite group of major donors. In order to join The 1880 Society, Mrs Rosner has increased her already generous contribution to ORT to meet the membership requirement of at least $100,000 over the coming three years. World ORT Director General Robert Singer noted Mrs Rosners major commitment to the organisation following a ceremony at ORT House, London to farewell the 19 Arab, Druze and Jewish ORT students who had taken part in the Rosner Summer School. At the ceremony, Mr Singer stressed how important it was that the students return to Israel as ambassadors of World ORT. Now back among their own communities, the students will use their improved English language skills to tutor younger children for two years. This social responsibility forms a part of ORTs philosophy of helping others to help themselves, Mr Singer said. Amani Shemali, a 10th grade student at ORT Hilmi Shafie, Akko, said: As I view volunteering as a moral responsibility I look forward to volunteering this year and using what I have learned on this trip to help youngsters with their English. Shosh Nachmias, a teacher from ORT Afulah who was accompanying the students, said the Rosner Summer School had been a mind-opening experience and that the teenagers many of whom had not been abroad before would return to Israel with a greater awareness of the world. The students had been selected by a special ORT Israel committee for their strong leadership skills, educational achievement and commitment to volunteer projects. The ethno-religious mix of this years group reflected not only the multicultural reality of modern day Israel but also the values of co-existence and tolerance that ORT promotes.In founding the Summer School last year, Mrs Rosner recognised the need to give Israeli students a chance to improve their command of the English language. Students in Israel need advanced English qualifications in order to meet the entry conditions of most universities. English also plays a vital role in developing a career because most publications, manual instructions and international conferences are in the language. Whilst in London the students studied English in the morning and spent the afternoons on excursions which were both educational and fun, including visits to the Natural History and Science Museums, the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and the London Planetarium. The students also attended an open-air production of Shakespeares A Midsummer Nights Dream and the popular West End musical We Will Rock You. Elina Waksman, an immigrant from Moldova who has represented Israel in international dance competitions, said: The Friday night dinners with Jewish families were very special. We prayed together and welcomed the Shabbat. It was a new and a good experience that I enjoyed very much Thank you ORT and Jenny Rosner for the lovely trip!