Spotlight on: Khmelnitskiy ORT KesherNet Center


Svetlana Tuaklo is the founder of a volunteers’ theatre for children in the Ukrainian city of Khmelnitskiy. Here she describes the impact coronavirus has had on her work – and how ORT has supported her at this time:

“Two years ago I completed a computer course for adults at the ORT KesherNet training center in Khmelnitskiy. I acquired the skills to work successfully and founded my theatrical studio and then the volunteers’ theatre for children.

“I like my work and the children. I love to create and we prepared new theatrical stages with children and participated in competitions and projects.

“But then the rhythm of my life radically changed. The coronavirus quarantine affected everyone. Empty theaters, empty exhibitions, empty concert halls – art frozen by panic.

“Two months ago I faced a new reality – on one day I lost my students and our audiences. It was horrific. I had to disappoint my students and tell them we were closed until after the quarantine. Time stopped for me and I could see no way forward.

Svetlana’s students join a distance learning class

“But then I saw how people were reorienting themselves and going online. I pulled myself together and reapplied to the ORT KesherNet center for help. At the center I was trained in how to use online resources such as Zoom. I mastered the skills and returned to work.

“Now, with great pleasure, my students are taking part in my distance training classes and we are continuing rehearsals for new performances. And moreover, I have increased my audience, meaning that we will leave quarantine with new achievements.

“Thank you ORT KesherNet for providing this opportunity and helping me to find myself in these new conditions.”