‘Thank you for your work’ – Israeli President Reuven Rivlin praises ORT supporters


Delegates on ORT’s 70-for-70 mission to Israel have met Reuven Rivlin, the country’s president, at the start of their historic trip.

Kick-starting the largest ever group tour organised by the global education network, President Rivlin thanked ORT’s supporters for the backing they have given to education in Israel.

Mr Rivlin praised the assistance given by ORT to technological education in the country, adding: “I know how important you are to us because you are doing a great job.

“Supporting ORT is supporting children all over the world and the children of Israel, strengthening our society and our country in ways that cannot be described.”

President Rivlin meets Avi Ganon, World ORT Director General and CEO, and Conrad Giles, World ORT President in Jerusalem

After meeting the President at his residence ahead of a tour of the house on Thursday, Avi Ganon, World ORT Director General and CEO, said: “To hear President Rivlin thank our supporters for their work was a very moving moment. It means so much to know that the efforts of ORT teachers, students, volunteers and other supporters all over the world is appreciated at the highest levels.

“The 70-for-70 mission is a perfect opportunity for us to celebrate Israel’s 70th anniversary, and for those who care about ORT to see first-hand the ways in which we are impacting lives through education.”

In the afternoon, at the Kfar Silver Youth Village in Ashkelon, the mission delegates heard village director Shimon Solomon explain how the project had been turned around, with results improving across the board.

The visitors saw the dairy farm at the village and met students living in refurbished accommodation.

President Rivlin is introduced to the ORT group

Mr Ganon and Conrad Giles, World ORT President, officially opened the visit and students talked about how their experiences at the village had helped turn their lives around. One girl said the impact meant she had “started to love my life”.

Among the expected highlights of the four-day mission are a tour of David Ben-Gurion’s home, and a behind-the-scenes look at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

The mission delegates include ORT lay leaders, senior staff, supporters and friends of the education network.