The 1880 Society Introduction


–> In celebration of ORTs 125th year, ORT has created an elite society for major donors – The 1880 Society promises to be a crucial development in ensuring that ORT has the funds necessary to continue providing world class education for hundreds of thousands of children and adults throughout the world in what is an increasingly difficult socio-economic environment. S. Poliakov, N. Bakst and Baron de Gunzberg, the founding fathers of ORT The 1880 Societys name recalls the year of ORTs creation and provides a direct link with ORTs founding fathers Nikolai Bakst, Samuel Poliakov and Baron Horace de Gunzburg, who put their wealth and influence in the service of a vision to improve the lot of those less fortunate. It illustrates the fact that the spirit of philanthropy that guided ORTs founders and has sustained ORT throughout its 125 year history is still alive today. It is proof that the aims and ideals of ORT, and its vital mission, are as relevant today as they were then. The 1880 Society has been created to honour those who support one of the most noble of causes educating and training people to lead independent, fulfilled lives. Its members continue the glorious tradition of generosity and compassion for others that led to the establishment of ORT 125 years ago. Gold and Life Membership is awarded for a contribution of $500,000. Silver and Bronze Membership of The 1880 Society is granted to those who pledge a minimum contribution of $250,000 or $100,000 respectively, to ORT over the course of their three year membership. . The 1880 Society commemorative medals The 1880 SOCIETY medals are struck in bronze, silver and gold.The medals were specially minted for World ORT by the Israeli Government Coins and Medals Corporation, the medals feature portraits of Orts founding fathers on one side and the name of the Israeli capital in 12 languages on the other. The designer of the medals is Igal Gabay who was born in Tel Aviv and has been working in the field for 22 years.He also designs stamps and different medals and coins for the Israeli Central Bank and the Israeli Government coins & medals corporation.A very unique Israeli craftsman is working on special stands for the medals. The 1880 Society commemorative medals with stands in gold, silver and bronze Accompanying the 1880 Society medals is a stand designed by Barukh Shoham. Shoham was born in 1945 and resides in Israel. Studying art and metallurgy with the famous Chilean artist Benedictus, Shoham creates bold and impressive works of art, making use of metal, wood, stone, marble, ceramic, plastic, glass and more. Shohams unique style represents a synergy between metal, movement and music, effecting creative harmony.