The World ORT Emergency Campaign for Israel


ORT Israel students are constantly on our minds and in our hearts; World ORT will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with our ORT Israel students and colleagues The World ORT Emergency Campaign for Israel is ongoing, and continues to be a top priority in 2004. World ORT has embarked on its Israel Campaign raising funds to alleviate the distress of affected families and to allow their children to pursue the high school education that will give them the means to rise above the cycle of poverty and not be disadvantaged by their family circumstances. Photo: ORT students receive quality education in ORT Schools. The World ORT campaign includes organizing World ORT special missions and solidarity missions to Israel, ensuring ORT schools in Israel features on Jewish Federations and UJC missions to country and making insistent and constant appeals to the Jewish Federations, the UJC and ORT friends and supporters through the world. Funds raised by the World ORT Emergency Campaign for are distributed for food, clothing, books& equipment, security in the schools, trauma counseling, reinstatement of teaching hours and school transportation.