World ORT has a proud record of non-sectarian, long term recovery programmes in the developing world for those affected by poverty, conflict and natural disaster: we have helped more than two million people in 92 countries over the past 45 years. ORT has a proud record of recovery programmes in developing countries ORT retrained refugees from the Kosovo conflict in 2001 ORT has experience of trauma counselling from Israel World ORT plans to continue that tradition in South East Asia, providing trauma counselling and construction training to the survivors of the tsunami in India (where we have had an operational centre since 1960), Sri Lanka and Thailand. Help us to give the survivors the strength and skills to rebuild and revitalise their communities. Donations may be given online (see link below) or by mail to World ORT Tsunami Appeal, 126 Albert Street, London NW1 7NE, UK. Cheques made payable to World ORT Trust. Please give generously.