Visitors to Holocaust Art resource more than double


Thousands of people from around the world accessed this multilingual World ORT educational resource, which provides a chilling insight into to mankinds worst single crime, told through the eyes of those who experienced it, in a collection of paintings and drawings. Details from Mother and Child by Halina Olomucki Countries throughout the world held ceremonies in the days surrounding Holocaust Memorial Day on January 27, prompting greater demand for the insight and information about the Holocaust that can be found in Learning about the Holocaust through Art . The website was developed by World ORT with material contributed by The Ghetto Fighters House Museum in Israel and with support from the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany. Other World ORT on-line resources that help people learn about the Holocaust include The Holocaust Prayer, an adaptation of the standard El Male Rachamim Memorial Prayer. The text of the prayer is presented in English and Hebrew with transliteration with an audio rendition by world renowned cantor Chaim Adler. Reflections on the 50th anniversary of the fall of the Nazi regime were submitted by children from 13 ORT schools in Argentina, India, Morocco, Italy, Uruguay and Israel. A selection of the best entries can be seen by clicking the link accompanying this article. For those who have lost loved ones in the Holocaust or at any time since then, World ORT has developed the Yizkor site to enable people to create an on-line memorial. Those who use this free service receive a reminder on the Yahrzeit – the Hebrew calendar date of the anniversary of the death with help on how to commemorate the anniversary according to Jewish custom and practice.