WO signs agreements with South America


Director General of World ORT Robert Singer, recently, signed separate agreements with Jewish and non-Jewish Community officials in Brazil and Chile in order to expand ORT’s presence in the respective countries. During the past year, he has visited Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Cuba, and now Brazil and Chile. He plans to travel to Venezuela in November in order to complete the overview of ORT on this continent Chile There is a large Jewish school in Santiago, Chile, which is still called the Chaim Weizman ORT School with 1400 students. During a visit to the schools in the area, Mr Singer met with the Deputy Secretary of Education of Chile, Jose Weinstein. As a result, an agreement is to be signed between the Ministry of Education of Chile, ORT Chile and World ORT for collaboration in projects in various educational fields that enable ORT Chile to receive additional funding from the Ministry of Education. Just after a meeting with the Deputy Secretary of Labour of Chile, Mr Yerko Ljubetic, an agreement was signed between the Ministry of Labour of Chile, ORT Chile and World ORT, which will facilitate ORT Chile in tendering for training courses subsidised by the Ministry of Labour. Mr Singer also discussed the possibility of the Minister of Labour being invited to visit ORT programmes in Israel. Brazil A primary goal of the agreement in Brazil is to further production of educational programs to be primarily broadcast through the educational channels developed by the Futura Foundation, as well as through any other medium, including the Internet. ‘The aim of the [Brazil] agreement is to promote mutual cooperation between parties so that ORT will be able to develop educational projects at high school and professional levels,’ Director of ORT Brazil Hugo Malajovich commented.