World ORT 130 Anniversary: Robert Singer speaks to Leadel (Video Interview)


09 March 2010 World ORT 130 Anniversary: Robert Singer speaks to Leadel (Video Interview) In recognition of World ORTs 130th Anniversary, our Director General & CEO Robert Singer was interviewed by Leadel, a media hub showcasing a variety of contemporary Jewish voices and expressions. Leadel was founded by the President of the European Jewish Congress, Moshe Kantor. What began as merely a journalistic approach with one-on-one interviews with prominent Jews such as Alan Dershowitz, Bernard Henry Levi and Dennis Ross led to an explosion of ideas, educational video series’ and initiatives all launched under Leadel’s brand and guidance. This interview comes as a result of World ORTs efforts to increase its visibility on the web and to improve its positioning. Celebrating 130 years of ORT Current World ORT President Dr Jean de Gunzburg is quoted to say: The world has changed greatly since the founding of ORT, but in 2009 the need to deliver essential education and training is no less pressing than it was in 1880. Individuals and communities across the globe continue to rely on ORT for the skills and knowledge that will enable them to lead independent and purposeful lives. We can do no less than to respond earnestly to their needs. World ORT has formally launched a year of celebration with missions, exhibitions, competitions and other events such as sending copies of the declaration to heads of state planned in all 63 countries in which ORT has a presence. A special anniversary logo has been designed by an ORT Mexico student which is now featured on all official World ORT communications. ‘We are not sitting down and congratulating ourselves. We are celebrating in the Jewish way: rejoicing in an on-going process, that ORT exists and is getting better all the time, he said. World ORT has become established as an integral component in the fabric of the Jewish world; building upon the success generated in its first 130 years, we are confident that with the generosity and the backing of our supporters worldwide it will continue to serve the needs of communities for the foreseeable future.