World ORT and Bulgarian Ministry of Education: Cooperation in IT training


27 November 2003 An agreement has been signed between World ORT and the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science promoting ongoing cooperation in information technology and computer studies at primary and secondary schools and at further education establishments in Bulgaria. The signing came as the ORT Science and Technology Centre was inaugurated at the Lauder Jewish High School in Sofia in October. The agreement relates to the importance seen by World ORT and the Ministry of Education to improve and promote the Bulgarian education system. With the advance of technology the partners realise the importance of providing enhanced technological knowledge to educators and students alike and introducing into the curriculum additional computer related subjects, the study of the internet and information technology World ORT and the Ministry will work together to improve both the educational environment for computer studies and the knowledge possessed by Bulgarian teachers in the fields of technical education and computer literacy, as well as develop the study of technical education and computer literacy for primary, secondary school, college and university students. All training will be carried out following ORT methods. Within the framework of the agreement World ORT and the Ministry will look to develop existing computer centres in Bulgaria and establish new centres at educational establishments servicing both schools and further education establishments.