World ORT Archive


ORT’s Administrative offices based in London now houses the World ORT archive. This archive consists of materials related to the history of ORT and include many significant documents and photographs. Link to the ORT Archive website ORT has a fascinating historical record that deserves to be preserved and made available to future generations. ORT’s history is not just of interest to those who belong to the ORT network. Because ORT has played such an active role in many of the key events and movements of twentieth century Jewish history, its historical record is of great interest to historians and the wider Jewish community. As the organisational hub of ORT, World ORT holds a significant collection of records documenting all periods of ORT’s past. This collection is currently being reorganised and many photographs and documents are being digitised (electronically scanned). These and the archive’s catalogue will soon be available via the Archive’s website. Staff, students and scholars will be able to search for historical materials from their desktops and then request copies for projects and publications. In addition to organising and cataloguing the wealth of material held at World ORT’s administrative office in London, archive staff are working with national ORT organisations, to ensure that their records are well preserved. Staff are also locating ORT material held in non-ORT archives – particularly in the archives of the former Soviet Union, only recently opened up to the public. Please visit the World ORT Archive website for more information and for contact details at