World ORT Board of Directors meets in Israel


26 January 2003 More than 140 delegates from across the globe travelled to Israel for the World ORT Annual Board of Directors Meeting which takes place from 26-27 January. ORT leaders will assess the organisations achievements from this past year and to set new goals for 2003. It was agreed at last years meeting in Cape Town that the 2003 World ORT Board of Directors Meeting would be held in Israel as a show of ORTs solidarity and support in these troubled times. Prior to the meeting of the Board, World ORTs Executive Committee held meetings in Jerusalem on the campuses of ORT Ramot and ORT Givat Ram. During the two days, Supreme Court Justice of Israel Aaron Barak addressed the Executive. The Michael Rosner Resource Centre at Givat Ram was inaugurated, and delegates met ORT students and heads of all ORT schools in Jerusalem. The focus of talks was undoubtedly the current situation in Israel. ORT Israel has lost many of its graduates and students through terrorist attacks. The need to provide enhanced security in the schools, combined with the need to provide emotional and psychological support for anxious students remains paramount. Despite the disruption by the terrorism and political and social insecurity, ORT continues to enforce the belief that education is the key to eliminating intolerance. Other items discussed included issues affecting technology education around the world such as the need for educational, vocational and technology skills and education in the CIS, ORT activities in times of economic crisis with emphasis in Latin America, world trends in education, the needs of declining Jewish communities and communities in crisis. Among the many highlights of the meeting was an address from the President of Israel Moshe Katsav and a lecture entitled the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – A Regional Perspective, by Professor Shlomo Ben Ami, Former Israeli Foreign Minister, and an address from the Mayor of Eilat Gaby Kadosh.