World ORT Launches Trauma Artworks Website


Life in the Shadow of Terror London, 23 October 2003 A new website launched by World ORT, called Life in the Shadow of Terror, features artwork created by ORT Israel students who live their lives under the daily threat of terrorist attack. The website, initiated and sponsored by Sir Isidore Jack and Lady Lyons, presents the 30 winning entries to an artwork competition implemented throughout ORT Israel schools in 2002-2003. View Life in the Shadow of Terror website. The work forms part of a of trauma counselling programme that is now implemented in ORT Israel schools to help children cope with the current troubles. Some 320 students, aged 13 to 18, submitted their creations expressing through art, their anxieties, fears and emotions after three years of continual violence and terror and exhibiting their hopes for peace in the future. Through the Life in the Shadow of Terror competition students have been able to turn feelings of anger, grief and frustration into a sense of accomplishment, creativity and togetherness.