World ORT Rosner English Summer School bigger than ever


13 April 2007 World ORT Rosner English Summer School bigger than ever Preparations are under way to make this years World ORT Rosner English Summer School the biggest ever. The continued generosity of Jenny Rosner, who was instrumental in the founding of the Summer School five years ago, has been supplemented by funding from various organisations including the Joseph Trust and British ORT. We have been able to increase the budget to approximately $100,000, which means that at least 40 teenagers will be able to benefit from this unique cultural and educational experience more than double the number we had last year, said World ORT Director General Robert Singer. He added that negotiations were continuing with a European foundation for further funds that would allow an additional 40 students to participate this year. As in previous years, the overwhelming majority of the high school students who will participate in the Summer School will be from Israel. This years Israeli group is expected to include representatives of the Jewish, Druze, Arab and Cherkess communities. There will also be students from the former Soviet Union and Western Europe. The students are selected for their strong leadership skills, educational achievement and commitment to volunteer projects. The two-week Summer School will immerse the students in English language and culture, including intensive daily language tutoring and trips to major sites in and around London. As a pre-condition for their selection, each student makes a commitment to share their enhanced English language skills with their schoolmates on their return home by providing informal tutoring, said World ORT Head of Jewish Education Judah Harstein. World ORT Rosner English Summer School students in London last year Mr Harstein added that, in addition to the English language tutoring, there were plans to provide a series of lectures on scientific and technological topics. The World ORT Rosner English Summer School was founded as a way to give Israeli students a chance to improve their command of the English language. Students in Israel need advanced English qualifications in order to meet the entry conditions of most universities. English also plays a vital role in developing a scientific or technical career because most publications, manual instructions and international conferences are in the language. Over the years, the Summer School has opened its doors to non-Jewish and non-Israeli students as a way to enhance the cultural experience and help to create bonds of friendship between ethno-religious communities in Israel as well as between Israeli and Diaspora Jews. The impressive growth of the World ORT Rosner English Summer School is set to continue with the possibility of including Latin American students from next year. World ORT is the worlds largest Jewish education and vocational training non-government organisation and has benefited more than 3 million people Jewish and non-Jewish in 100 countries since its foundation in 1880.