Further Education

Learning Is A Life-long Process

ORT believes learning is a life-long process which only begins with formal education in school. In today’s 21st century employment marketplace, continuing professional development and training is becoming increasingly crucial to keep pace with technological changes in the workplace.

The need in many sectors for higher educational qualifications raises the bar further still, making continued study and training vitally important for young people and adults alike.

ORT prepares students of all ages for the contemporary workplace through the provision of further education and vocational training.

The ORT Mexico’s University offers degree courses in administration and management, innovation and leadership for the social and non-profit sector. The university is the first of its kind in Latin America with most of its students employed in non-profit organizations and NGOs.

The ORT Uruguay University has nearly 10,000 students and is the largest private university in the country. It prepares graduates to face local and international challenges with an education that combines knowledge, skills and values.

ORT France provides accredited training courses in automotive, electrical and computer engineering; accounting, finance and business; fashion, optics, construction, and much more.

ORT prepares its students for careers through education and training. Our activities and programs provide the skills and practical tools needed to succeed and for individuals to make a positive impact both on their own communities and on larger society.

We enable and empower people so they can lead fulfilling lives and meet the challenges of the future.

Did you know?

More than 5,000 women took part in our adult training courses in the Former Soviet Union

ORT in numbers

Around 6,000 students benefit from informal education at our after-school YOUniversity Centers of Excellence in Israel