Sharing Knowledge

The ORT family creates a sense of belonging where we can all learn from each other’s passion and perspective.

We promote shared experiences such as our international student programs, teacher training courses and global events including the annual International ORT Day which brings our network of 300,000 people together.

With schools in countries as diverse as Kyrgyzstan, Panama and Israel, our network truly spans the globe. By sharing information and developing knowledge together we can help our students and educators. These extraordinary experiences make ORT appealing to Jewish families and give participants opportunities they would not otherwise receive.

When our students from around the world come together to learn in one place – virtually or in person – they feel more connected. When our teachers experience constant support and world class training they benefit from knowing the weight of the network is behind them – encouraging development and providing support.

Combining these methods and strategies throughout our global network means ORT can reach across borders to empower people through greater knowledge and understanding.