STEM Education

Building Capacities and Skill Sets to Meet the Challenges of the Future

At ORT we endeavor to provide the skills young people need today in order to succeed tomorrow.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education provides a foundation for all students to understand important issues, both global and local, and to develop skills in critical thinking and problem-solving that will allow them to participate fully in 21st century life.

Providing diverse opportunities for students to excel in STEM is vital. ORT schools, colleges and programs recognise the need to continually expand and update their STEM curricula, investing in laboratories and equipment, and in the recruitment, retention and professional development of their teachers.

The STEM education ORT students receive gives them a real advantage in the global employment market. It provides them with the knowledge and skill set they need to thrive in the science and technology-based society of today, tomorrow and the future.

Did you know?

More than 180 videos have been created by ORT students to explain complex STEM topics since 2016 for the World ORT STEM Communications Awards 


Around 2,800 hours of STEM-related classes are taught every year in our school in Brazil

Did you know?

Almost 90% of students want to continue their studies in digital media after attending our Digital Skills Academy

Bringing Excellence with STEM in our Schools