Jewish Animation Competition

This is a competition which integrates Jewish education with technology as students learn to create animations and mixed media productions.

The contest aims to increase engagement with Jewish learning, to develop new skills through project-based learning, to identify talented students and to develop their creativity and skills through animation.

For students from grades one to nine, the project integrates Jewish education with technology and themes can include traditional Jewish stories, parables and proverbs. Students may use stop-motion, Flash or other software animation techniques to create finished products which are submitted to the judging panel.

The winning videos are published online and shared with schools globally to celebrate the talents of ORT’s younger students, educate their peers about their common Jewish heritage and to motivate new students to participate in the future.

Scroll down to view the winners from the regional entries from 2020. Look out for the global winner which will be announced in October.

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2020 regional winning entries from the Former Soviet Union and the Latin America and Spain categories


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  • Two Witnesses - FSU 1st Place - ORT Specialized School #41, Chernivtsi, Ukraine.

    The story of a widow living in the city of Ashkelon in the time of King Saul. The video was created using stop motion animation and mixed media.


  • Meet the teacher who initiated an international multidisciplinary program and competition

    Through leading this program I’ve become a specialist in animation. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all the Jewish stories chosen by students’ teams and understand that they deliver important moral messages and Jewish values.


  • Jewish Identity

    ORT is a global education network driven by Jewish values. Founded in St. Petersburg in 1880 to provide employable skills for Russia’s impoverished Jewish population, ORT has been empowering Jewish communities around the world for nearly 140 years.



  • “This program brings value to ORT schools because it increases the motivation of students to study Jewish traditions and history, helps talented students to develop their creative interest in the field of ICT and to implement new knowledge in the production of films for Jewish education.”

    Anna Michurina, ORT Teacher, Ukraine