Ukraine | Jewish State Educational Complex “ORT-Simha”, Kyiv 

The Jewish State Educational Complex “ORT-Simha” kindergarten and primary school opened in 1992. Since the very beginning, it has introduced Jewish traditions, history, and culture to its students.  

In 1998 the school expanded with the creation of a secondary school (grades 5 to 11), permitting students to continue in the same school throughout their education. 

Simha joined the ORT network in 2015, leading to a full reconstruction and modernization of the school. It has become a progressive educational setting where the education has reached a very high standard. Teachers have mastered the capabilities of equipment and software, significantly improving the level of students’ education. 

Since 2019 “ORT-Simha” has been involved in more STEAM projects and the school has been seen as taking a leading role in the development of this area in the country thanks to the professional levels attained by its highly-skilled teachers.  

A series of new classrooms dedicated to mathematics and STEAM subjects have been opened and the school participates in the ORT RND project. Students join World ORT programs such as ORT Day and a variety of ORT and other international competitions.

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