Ukraine | ORT "Aleph" Jewish Gymnasium  

Zaporizhzhia’s Jewish Gymnasium ORT “Aleph” is home to a vibrant educational community of around 430 students. 

Founded in 1992 as a Jewish school, in 2005 it underwent significant enhancements with the addition of the ORT Technology Center. This led to the school’s official renaming as ORT “Aleph”. 

Students are exposed to a multi-faceted educational experience. They receive comprehensive instruction in Ukrainian, English and Hebrew. Additionally, they benefit from a state-of-the-art technological environment and a rich Jewish education. Students are encouraged to explore their creativity through participation in extracurricular activities such as music, dance, debating, and newspaper clubs.  

The students of ORT “Aleph” consistently demonstrate exceptional achievements in academic competitions and Olympiads, including a series of regional and international triumphs. These have included a student winning the International Olympiad on the History and Traditions of the Jewish People as part of the Hephzibah Competition, organized by Israel’s Ministry of Education.  

The school’s teachers also boast significant accomplishments and a series of international awards.