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The small Swiss town of Anières was the home of the ORT Central Institute from 1947, a place where young, gifted  students from around the world were educated. First it specialized in producing teachers for ORT schools worldwide after the Shoah, and later it aimed to help students graduate to the Geneva School of Engineers (formally Technicum). The program ended in 1997.

Over the course of 50 years, the program was renowned as a leading force in innovation in education.

The new Anières program, founded by World ORT in Israel in 2012, aimed to support Jewish students from low socio-economic backgrounds in Israel and across the Diaspora who could specialize in math and science with the aim of studying engineering at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

Located in Nahalal, northern Israel, the Academy prepares talented children for their future lives. Giving them an educational curriculum that promotes STEM studies, it identifies and trains Israel’s future generation of science and technology leaders.

They study in premium facilities at the Technion and Ben-Gurion University (BGU) and are provided with financial, social and academic support.

In 2023, new accommodation was inaugurated to house 120 students from the academy. Technion opened the Marc Hamon Anières House, named in honor of the academy’s visionary and founder. In addition to the residential accommodation, the building includes shared study spaces, a club, a gallery, and more.

Current Programs

The Anières program provides scholarship support for financing a bachelor’s degree (Engineer – B.Sc.) at the Technion or BGU, subject to the specific faculties  (computer science, electrical engineering, software engineering, data science engineering, information system engineering, chemical and biochemical engineering, mechanical engineering and aerospace engineering at the Technion, and computer science and software engineering in BGU) and successful admission.

The program also provides students with personal support by a skilled team, to ensure optimal integration and success, individually and collectively.

The aim is for Anières to train 430 graduate engineers in 2031 and to have a total of more than 1,000 graduates by 2050.

Anières Elite Academy