Israel | Hodayot Youth Village

Hodayot Youth Village was established in 1950, absorbing young people from families who had recently made Aliyah to the new-born State of Israel.

Over the years, Hodayot has provided youngsters from disadvantaged backgrounds in Israel with an opportunity to receive the social and educational support they need to assimilate into Israeli society as well-adjusted, fully contributing individuals.

Main objectives

The main objectives of the youth village are:

  • To offer every student a chance to utilize their full potential and excel in their achievements
  • To strengthen a Jewish national-religious lifestyle
  • To foster a love for the Land of Israel and the Jewish People
  • To encourage universal educational values
  • To prepare graduates to assimilate as contributing citizens in Israel’s society

Study tracks

Hodayot offers four main study tracks – Biology and Agriculture; ICT; Police Studies; Physics.

Extra-curricular after-school activities include music classes, voice lessons, sports classes including football and gymnastics, and creative workshops such as sewing and ceramics.