Israel | Kadoorie Youth Village

Kadoorie Youth Village was established in 1933 and is located at the foot of the biblical Mt. Tabor in the north of Israel. It is a rural agricultural school where some of Israel’s most famous political and intellectual leaders were educated. Today the school continues to foster excellence in academic studies and instils leadership qualities in all its students while promoting tolerance in a multicultural setting.

Kadoorie’s student population includes 1,600 youngsters from the 7th to 12th grades, of whom 250 are boarders. The majority of the students come from the surrounding district. Dormitory accommodation is also available for students from outlying areas. Kadoorie Youth Village is also home to Na’ale students who come to live in Israel at the age of 16 without their families.

The school’s motto is “Excellence in Education in a Multicultural Society”.

The Village includes a Junior High School, a High School, and a Technological College for Practical Engineers for Grades 13-14.

Junior High School

Along with the regular syllabus, the school offers special enrichment programs in Math (supervised by the Technion), Environmental Studies and Physical Education. Elective courses are available in Social Sciences, Theatre, Art and Science.

Senior High School

The Senior High School offers a wide selection of disciplines including: Computer Sciences, Communications, Mechanics, Electro-mechanics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Art, Theatre Studies, Physical Education, Computer Studies, and Social Sciences.

The College of Engineering

The College is staffed by trained engineers and teachers. At the end of two years, graduates receive a diploma in Practical Engineering which enables them to continue their studies towards a degree in Mechanical Engineering, or to work as a qualified technician. Students who study in this division can defer their army service by two years in order to complete their education. Once drafted into the IDF, they will be given the opportunity to work in their field of expertise in the IDF, practice the skills acquired during their studies and will gain valuable experience for the future.

The village has its own gymnasium, music center, football field and an amphitheatre with 1,500 seats.

Extracurricular activities include a student council for the Junior and Senior High School. There are after-school clubs in Art, Horse Riding, Communications, Theatre, Singing, Dance, Computers and Sports.