World Teacher's Day - ORT Teacher of the Year Award

World Teachers’ Day takes place on October 5 and aims to focus on appreciating the educators of the world while providing an opportunity to think about all matters related to teachers and teaching.

The past 18 months have posed an almost unprecedented challenge to our educators globally. From the closure of schools to national lockdowns, hundreds and thousands of ORT students were faced with uncertainty when it came to their education. Thanks to the dedication and commitment of thousands of ORT teachers, we were able to adapt to remote learning to ensure a smooth learning experience for our students.

This Teachers Day, we are recognizing the outstanding heroes of the past 18 months: our teachers, who have demonstrated their commitment and resilience to ensure ORT continues to provide a high-quality and lifelong education to all students.

Teachers, students and parents from across the network are invited to nominate a teacher who has gone above and beyond the call of duty since the pandemic started to help and support their students and colleagues.

The awards will launch on October 5 and nominations will close on October 19.

The winning teacher will receive a $1,000 voucher of their choice.

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Judging Criteria

Dan Green, World ORT Director General and CEO, will judge the entries and the winner will be announced on social media in the week commencting October 25.

Judging criteria – examples include:
• Worked longer hours to support students
• Initiated new approach for distance learning to keep students engaged under challenging circumstances
• Volunteered for community programs such as food distribution
• Provided emotional support for struggling students and families
• Achieved academic excellence in the classroom in spite of the conditions
• Kept students safe by ensuring a hygienic and socially distant environment
• Proactively addressed potential difficulties in advance to alleviate negative effects