Today, ORT works with two Jewish schools: ORT Liceo Renzo Levi, founded in Rome by ORT Italy in partnership with the local Jewish community, and the ORT-affiliated Scuola della Comunita Ebraica in Milan, both of which provide excellence in general and Jewish education.

ORT activities in Italy began in 1946, providing vocational training to European displaced persons and refugees following the Second World War.

Currently the ORT schools in Milan and Rome bring together Jewish students and families from different backgrounds both culturally and in terms of religious observance. They are all united by the common mission of educating young people to be future Jewish citizens of the country they live in and of the world, with a strong link to Israel.

In both schools scientific education is at the forefront due to the presence of innovative ORT computer science classes and science laboratories and digital classrooms. Alongside the traditional school curriculum, ORT in Italy also helps develop personal creativity, entrepreneurship skills, and the development of global citizenship awareness through international projects with other schools from the ORT network.

Recent national surveys in Italy (Eduscopio) on the quality of schools show that the scientific high schools in Milan and Rome are among the top-ranking institutions year after year.

ORT has previously supported Jewish communities in Venice, Genoa and Florence, and has run schools in Rome, Livorno, Turin, Florence, Venice, Trieste and Cevoli, as well as a training farm in Cevoli San Marco.