The Colegio Isaac Rabin in Panama City is a Jewish school with more than 300 students from nursery through to matriculation. It affiliated with the ORT network in 2010 and participates in ORT programs which serve to strengthen and deepen students’ knowledge and skills in STEM subjects.

Panama also hosts the annual World ORT Ecology Summer School. With access to both the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean and containing tropical rainforests as well as coastal flora and fauna, it has proved to be perfectly suited to the aims of the summer school, which attracts ORT high school students from across the Spanish-speaking world.

For two weeks, the teenagers carry out undergraduate-level research into the country’s eco-system and study the ecological and environmental issues of today.

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Students from Spanish speaking countries embarked on a journey to Panama to study wildlife and biology there, at the heart of the Rainforest. Look back on this amazing experience.

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