United Kingdom

ORT UK was founded in 1921 as British ORT, to fundraise for the World ORT Union’s international projects and teach skilled trades to Jewish communities trapped in poverty.

In 1939, it facilitated the rescue of more than 100 students and staff from the ORT school in Nazi-occupied Berlin, offering them a new home and creating a new ORT school in the UK, just days before war broke out.

Post-war, British ORT provided camp survivors with a range of vocational training from nautical skills to dress-making. It also established a training farm for those intending to move to Israel.

Today, ORT UK continues to raise funds through communal events, to support World ORT in its mission to make an Impact Through Education.

ORT UK also runs local programs including the ORT JUMP Mentoring Program and the ORT JUMP Employability Programs, equipping young people with the skills, knowledge and confidence to pursue their career goals.

The ORT JUMP Mentoring Program was created in 2009 and over the years has matched thousands of high school students with mentors across a vast array of professions. Mentors help their mentees to explore their field of work, obtain essential workplace skills and gain the confidence to pursue a career in their chosen industry.

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Due to the ongoing success of the Mentoring Program, ORT UK has launched four ORT JUMP Employability Skills Programs with ‘experience’ at the core:

ORT JUMP Working Skills Day

Small-group interactive sessions, delivered by industry experts, learning how different skills are used every day in business.

ORT JUMP Work Placement Program

A bespoke five-day work experience program designed to gain real experience in the workplace.

ORT JUMP Employability Skills Challenge

A three-day UK-based program, led by industry experts to develop business skills.

ORT JUMP Employability Skills Challenge in Israel

British students will join Israeli and Brazilian students from the World ORT network as part of an immersive experience; learning and developing business skills.

Fundraising Events and Leadership Training

Annual Dinner

The ORT UK Annual Dinner is the highlight of the events calendar, as guests gather at a central London venue to raise funds for the ORT network. It is an opportunity for the ORT UK team to update supporters on the incredible work being carried out across ORT’s schools and training programs worldwide and to harness support for upcoming projects.

Business Breakfast

The ORT UK Business Breakfast is a popular fundraising event, where a panel of business leaders are invited to discuss their career journeys and offer insight into their industry. As an organization focussed on preparing young people for the working world, it is also a chance for ORT UK to inform guests about ORT’s impact around the world and to gain new supporters.

NXT Leadership Program

The ORT UK NXT Lay Leadership Program offers training with the UK’s top Jewish community leaders, giving participants a greater understanding of UK and global Jewish issues, inspiring them to help shape the future of ORT UK.