Educators honour ORT Russia President


07 January 2009 Educators honour ORT Russia President The President of ORT Russia, Professor Alexander Asmolov, has been elected to full membership of the Russian Academy of Education, one of the most prestigious professional institutions in the country. As an Academician of this august body, World ORT Board of Trustees member Professor Asmolovs nationwide reputation as a leading expert on the psychology of personality has been confirmed by his peers. Professor Asmolov is well known for his many television appearances discussing issues related to education and democracy, said ORT Russia National Director Dr Slava Leshchiner. His election to the strictly limited membership of the Academy of Education is very important because it is the highest recognition by his peers of his contribution to educational science. Until now, Professor Asmolov has been a Correspondent Member of the Academy together with Professor Alexander Kondakov, an ORT Russia delegate to the World ORT General Assembly in Warsaw last year. And ORT Russias Vice-President, Professor Alexei Semenov, is a Correspondent Member of the internationally renowned Russian Academy of Science. That ORT can attract men of such high calibre says a lot about the value of its mission and the quality of its realisation, Dr Leshchiner said. Their support is a huge vote of confidence in ORT. And Professor Asmolovs elevation to academician contributes enormously to ORTs prestige. In addition to their significant contributions to Russias academic and intellectual life, Professors Asmolov, Kondakov and Semenov have played pivotal roles in the re-establishment and growth of ORT in Russia. Professor Asmolov has helped ORT a lot, Dr Leshchiner said. As Russias First Deputy Minister of Education he was instrumental in the return of ORT to its birthplace. During his time as Deputy Minister he introduced the idea of elective subjects to Russias rigid education system and supported the introduction of new, more objective text books. Professor Semenov, a mathematician, was a prominent member of a group of young scientists who supported the re-establishment of ORT in Russia as part of their vision of educational reform. He is one of Moscows leading educators and for a long time has held the position of Deputy Chairman of the Moscow Education Committee, Dr Leshchiner said. He is responsible for many educational innovations in Moscow. And it was Professor Kondakov who, as Deputy Minister of Education with responsibility for international cooperation, signed the formal agreement between Russias Ministry of Education and World ORT which provides the basis of ORTs official recognition in the country.