Ecology Summer School

This regional summer school, which is run in Spanish, is aimed at students who are passionate about ecology and are intending to specialise in the subject or a related field in their post-school further studies.

Taking place in Panama, the summer school sees scientific advisers and teachers assist students to develop their investigative skills through carrying out independent field projects. Sessions range from studying leaf-cutting ants, hummingbird behavior, agouti diets, and butterfly colour preferences. Students interact with researchers from the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in topics such as amphibian decline, bird mist-netting, plant physiology, and bat research at night.

Previous participants have come from ORT schools in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Panama and Spain.

Students acquire the knowledge, skills and experience to progress their passion and expertise to the next level.

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Watch the highlights from the Ecology Summer School 2024 in Panama

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    The 2024 World ORT Ecology Summer School has taken place in Panama. This regional summer school, which runs in Spanish, brings together ORT students from our Latin American and Spanish schools who are passionate about ecology.


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  • “This trip helped to improve my skills in the area of ​​field work, and my understanding of it. I gained a lot of confidence and it was an incredible experience in my life. I appreciate having been part of it.”

    Ignacio, participant from Argentina