Teacher Programs

At ORT we realize that teachers play a special role. They don’t simply impart knowledge in the classroom – they also inspire a deep appreciation of the value of learning within their students.

ORT invests in our educators, providing them with effective tools for their work, offering professional development and giving them the flexibility to innovate.

The ORT international network of educational expertise is crucial to the future success of ORT’s educational mission. This network extends beyond borders and cultures, enabling ORT teachers from around the world to connect and learn from one another. Teachers and staff from across the global ORT network regularly attend teacher training programs, international educators’ forums and continuing professional development seminars organized by ORT.

These programs provide an international forum for the sharing of best practices and the very latest educational technologies and methods.

ORT training programs bring together ORT educators and staff from different countries to improve the quality of our education through seminars such as the World ORT International Seminar for Leading Educators, the World ORT Hatter Technology Seminar, the World ORT Educational Leadership Training Program (ORT LEAD) and a variety of specialized Jewish educational seminars held around the world.

What would you say to the teacher who changed your life?

Did you know?

More than 60 educators have undergone middle management training on the World ORT LEAD Program in London over the past three years