HP Digital Village in SA


The Hewlett Packard corporation, along with World ORT, is providing major financial support for a three year ‘Digital Village’ program in the Dikhatole Community near Johannesburg in South Africa. The Program is designed to help underserved communities fulfil their aspirations for participation in the digital age. The program will allow the members of the Dikhatole community (including school children, young adults, school teachers, and women) to learn computer, internet, accounting and business skills. The project will fully equip three classrooms, one of which will beat the ORT South Africa centre, each with 18 networked computerworkstations. Hewlett Packard will provide the necessary equipment whilstORT will be provide the training. It is expected that during a three year period, some 4000 or more people will be trained in the community. Most of the people will have been trained in the Mac Steel centre (Made available to us by Mac Steel – an industrial company), some in the ORT premises and some in the community services.